Magnetic Transport Systems
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Automated Operating System

Linear Motors and Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) have numerous applications. Click on the image below to see an example of LM technology used in manufacturing. The control system is currently in operation on an automated assembly line application.

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Virtual Train

Using LSM technology, every train car is its own locomotive. With software LSM's provide independent propulsion, tracking and control of each car and container, thus creating the "Virtual Train." Click on the image below to see an animation of the Virtual Train.

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Magrail at 15% Incline

This video shows the MagRail system at a 15% inlcine wiht a MagRail railcar easily traversing the incline.


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Two Intermodal Railcars

This video shows the two MagRail intermodal container railcars running in synch on the same MagRail track.


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