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Port Container Moving System

The Zero Emissions System


This system will have the following characteristics:

  • Independent remote or onboard control of each vehicle
  • Magnetic propulsion and regenerative braking reduces energy consumption by as much as 75% under certain operating conditions
  • Only one vehicle per track section -- collisions impossible
  • Reliable: No moving parts, reduced maintenance
  • Complete control over acceleration and velocity
  • Quiet -- No engine noise
  • Capital cost comparable to electric overhead conversion
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Bogey Drawing

Freight transport by train is the most economical way to move large amounts of freight for long distances. However, the movement of massive amounts of goods through Ports using diesel locomotives is highly polluting and getting worse as freight train traffic has doubled in the last 35 years. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that combined emissions from Diesel trains in Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Baltimore and Detroit is equal to the emissions created by 55 million cars meeting today's automotive emission standards. This amounts to 37% of all automobiles driven in the United States today

Maglift Rail CarThe goal of the Zero Emissions Port Container Moving System is to use linear motor rail conversion to develop the next step in the evolution of railcars to a near zero emissions electric propulsion system at a lower energy and capital cost which is fully automated. It is estimated that this goods transport method will produce between 1/150 and 1/250 the amount of pollution as existing methods, at 1/3 the fuel cost.

By simply installing a diesel truck fifth wheel on the top of the magnetically fitted bogey and paving the LSM track, similar to a street car operation in urban streets, the port container moving systems becomes a reality.

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