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Phase III - Studer Linear Motor

What is it?

A low cost means of magnetically moving railroad cars on railroad tracks or maglev systems without the need for wayside power operating off any onboard electric power source.

The Studer Linear motor is an adaptation of a rotary form of motor originally invented by Philip Studer, a former NASA scientist. What makes the motor design unique is the ability to have a fixed armature and field; something that had not been previously done in a linear motor. The specific configuration allows the operation of the motor without the costly copper wire windings in both the field and/or the armature that typically run the length of the guideway in a conventional long stator maglev system.

How it Works

The linear motor propulsion system consists of a pair of permanent magnets reacting between a set of steel rails in a sawtooth configuration and a control coil connected to a commutator system. The sawtooth pairs of steel rails are fixed to the crossties of tracks in the same manner as the MagRail propulsion system while the permanent magnets and control coil are fixed to the vehicle. The two halves of each sawtooth rail are separated by a nonconductive material causing the magnetic flux to follow the desired path of travel first through the top sawtooth section then commutated to travel through the bottom sawtooth section causing the vehicle to move forward or backward without the need for wayside electric power.

Articulating track switches allow Studer Linear Motor track changes.

Particularly suited for;

Combining Studer Linear Motor and MagLevRail Technologies

Combining the Studer Linear Motor and MagLEVrail technologies allows for an even lower cost conversion to full maglev operation, all on existing railroad rights-of-way.

Financial Benefits

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